How To Fix System Registry Problems

Why is it Important to Fix System Registry?        

System registry is a vital component of a Windows computer. It stores the configuration information of all software, hardware, as well as, the Windows operating system. It is extensively used by Windows to perform various tasks. Information is continuously updated, added or removed from the registry as long as your PC is operational. For example, every time a new application is installed on your computer, its settings and configuration information is stored in the registry for future reference. These entries are removed when you uninstall the application.

Registry EasyWhen your registry becomes bloated with a large number of unwanted entries, usually problems occur. These unwanted entries are usually a result of:

 · Orphan and empty entries left behind when you uninstall programs. The problem worsens when incorrect methods are used to remove software.

· Frequent installation of programs, especially freeware and shareware programs that are known to add several entries in the registry.

· Malware infections. The problem is much greater in the case of spyware and adware infections. These malicious programs add several hidden registry entries that are really difficult to weed out, manually.

· System crashes. System registry is loaded in the system memory when your PC is functional. When your system crashes, your registry may fail to copy the updates to the hard disk and entries being used may become corrupted.

· Outdated buggy programs and device drivers may also add incorrect entries to your computer registry.

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What Should I Do To Repair System Registry?

One way to repair registry system is to use the Registry Editor tool that comes with your Windows computer. Although useful, all tasks in this tool need to be performed manually. Now if you are not well-informed about the registry, this will increase the probability of you making errors, which will likely lead to even more problems. This is the reason why many Windows experts and technicians, not only recommend but also often use, registry repair tools to perform registry maintenance.

These third-party tools are usually designed to meet the needs of both novice and technical users. Let’s go through some of the benefits:

 · Registry repair tools have a user-friendly interface that makes them quite simple-to-use even for non-technical users. These tools also comprise advanced features that computer experts can use to perform custom maintenance and repair of registry problems.

· Registry repairs tools can perform a registry clean up after you uninstall programs. This helps you get rid of any left behind registry entries to ensure complete removal of possible problematic records in the registry.  

· A good registry tool helps you perform a thorough scan of the registry database to detect and remove any malicious entries added by virus or spyware infections. Spyware programs are known to add embedded registry entries that are impossible to remove manually. These embedded entries enable spyware programs to reinstall on the system soon after you remove them. Using your registry tool, you can get rid of these embedded entries to ensure complete spyware removal.

· You can use your registry tool to defrag the registry files and re-index them for better PC performance. Defragging also compresses the registry database and helps resolve the registry bloating problems.

· One other notable advantage of a good registry repair tool is that it enables you to create automatic registry backups. These backups can be easily restored if an irrecoverable problem occurs with your registry.

System registry is a vital part of your Windows computer. To repair registry errors and have it maintained to operate at its peak performance, it is best to use a reliable registry repair tool. Several of these valuable and effective tools have been reviewed on this site. The product reviews are shown on the left panel. I hope you find one of them to be of some benefit to you.

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